Roofing companies in Washtenaw County

Roofing companies in Washtenaw County


If you’ve been searching online lately for roofing companies in Washtenaw County, you may be a bit unsure as to which one to call. There are several important factors to keep in mind when searching for

the right roofing contractor. Here are a few questions you should be asking when you call:


  • Do they do roofing repairs and roofing maintenance?
  • Are their new roofs guaranteed for a lifetime, and are they leak-proof?
  • Are they licensed, certified, and bonded to perform new roofing installations in Ann Arbor, Michigan and throughout Washtenaw County?
  • Are they a huge company that requires lots of steps to take before you reach a real “live” person that will schedule your roof inspection, or are they more of a family owned operation, with an owner on site?


If you call a2roofing in Ann Arbor, Michigan you will hear a “yes” to questions 1-3 and as far as #4 goes, we assure you our owner is very hands on for every commercial or residential roofing project. Whether you’re looking to replace damaged or missing shingles, install a new roof, receive roofing repairs or maintenance, or anything else related to your roof, a2roofing can handle the job.  We offer free residential and commercial roofing inspections to all of our customers, with no obligation to sign any contract. We also offer roof shoveling and ice dam removal services during the dead of winter, so you won’t have to climb an ice cold ladder and risk falling. Everyone on our team is fully trained in every aspect of roofing, and are experts at re-roofs, tear offs, roofing repairs, roofing maintenance, and roof replacements. We are experienced with metal roofing, flat roofing, shingle roofing, and tile roofing, and are very knowledgeable when it comes to performing hail, wind, water, and snow damage roofing repairs.


Most of our new roofs are installed in just one day, and we always offer a full money-back guarantee to any unsatisfied customer.  To date, over the past 20 years, we have never had to offer a refund to an unhappy customer. We take pride in providing the highest quality and services to our customers in Ann Arbor, MI and beyond. Year after year, we’ve been voted #2 for Customer Service, Workmanship, and Quality Materials by our customers. We put your priorities first, creating the best roofing repairs, maintenance, or installation plan possible specifically designed to meet your budgetary and lifestyle needs. Getting started is as easy as calling 734-548-9915 to set up your free, personalized roofing inspection. Our roofing specialists are always available 24/7, winter, spring, summer, and fall to assist you with any roofing emergency in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We are known as the one of the most reputable roofing contractors throughout the state of Michigan and the best you can find in Washtenaw County, but don’t just take our word for it. Visit our website to find out more about the valuable services we offer. Find us on Facebook and Twitter, too, as we welcome you to join the a2roofing family.