Commercial Services



Your business is important to you. As a business owner, you care about customer service and
service offerings, but you also care about your building structure, both interior and exterior.
So, if your roof is damaged or deteriorating, you need to find a reliable commercial roofing
contractor. A2 Roofing has been satisfying business owners for more than 22 years. We are a
fully licensed, insured and certified roofing company in your neighborhood. We are proud
to be a top-rated provider of commercial roofing in Ann Arbor MI. We offer a wide range of
roofing styles, including:
Single-ply EPDM and TPO roofing
Asphalt coated steel roofing
Standing seam metal roofing
TPO roofs or “white roofs” are a very popular choice for local businesses in the U.S. This type
of roof is very reflective and comes in several colors including white, tan and gray. EPDM
roofs are known as “black roofs” because of the dark color in the shingles’ membranes.
Made of a high-performance rubber material, EPDM roofs are highly beneficial for heat/
cold retention and are considered very weather-resistant. Both of these roofing styles are
flexible, easy to install and very lightweight.
If wind and rain are a concern, asphalt coated steel roofing is an excellent choice. This style
is also lightweight and easily installed, plus it is very structurally durable and strong.
Depending on the size of your company, this might be the ideal roof for you.
A standing seam metal roof can reduce your cooling costs by up to 30% and are extremely
sturdy and resilient. They tend to last longer than traditional asphalt roofs, sometimes up to
50 years.

It’s all up to you

No matter which type of roof you decide on, our roofing professionals will conduct an endto-end commercial roofing inspection to determine any areas of concern.
If your roof is damaged and you need a new roof installation, we will present the best options for your
budget and business needs. You are never under any obligation to sign a roofing contract.
A2 Roofing is known for being a fair and affordable roofing company, with easy to
understand credit applications and great lending terms from a wide range of lenders no
matter what your credit situation is. We are simply put a no-pressure roofing contractor.
If you’re in need of a re-roof, tear off, roof replacement, new roof installation, roofing repair
or roofing maintenance in Ann Arbor, Michigan, A2 Roofing is the best roofer for your
company. We specialize in providing the best customer service and are known for being
fast and efficient. We take care of all the permits and approvals and have a great working
relationship with city inspectors. You’ll never need to worry about your roof not passing an
inspection or being fined. If you’re facing a roof emergency, we can take care it fast, and
process any insurance documentation of needed. We are a trusted commercial roofing
contractor and receive most of our business through referrals and repeat customers.

Workmanship you can rely on

If you want to deal with a company that really backs up their work, you can rely on A2
Roofing. The commercial roofs we install are usually installed in a day or two, and are
guaranteed not to leak. We know how important it is for you to protect your building and
business assets, and that you trust us to provide you a 100% leak-free, safe roof. We don’t
take this task lightly. If you find a roofing contractor on an unreliable website, they may not
be fully licensed in our state. We know you don’t want to risk your company to just any
contractor, that’s why we’re happy to provide you with references from recent building
projects we’ve completed in Washtenaw County. If you’re ready to hire a superior
company to take care of your new roof installation, call us at
734-548-9915 and we’ll
schedule your initial free roofing consultation. Our roof estimates are always free. We are
located at 2723 South State Street #150, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. For more information on the
different types of shingles and roofing systems we offer, check out our website at
. Let us make your roof look its best.