Welcome to A2Roofing, roofing specialists located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, servicing residential, commercial and industrial roofing needs throughout the state of Michigan.  Our main goals are to service your roofing needs at affordable prices in a timely and efficient manner.  It is no wonder A2Roofing is Michigan’s #1 roofing company.


A2Roofing has been in business for three generations and has inspecting, repairing and replacing roofs down to a science.  And, roofing contractors are available 24/7 to assist you all year round.  A2Roofing has a proven reputation for truly caring that you the customer are 100 percent satisfied and will do whatever it takes to ensure your roof meets the highest standards in the industry.  Yes, 100 percent satisfaction or your money back.  We are that confident in our certified roofing contractors and the GAF products and materials we use in our roofs.   Visit http://www/ for details.


Roofs in Michigan take a beating all year round.  Heat, sun, rain, strong winds and snow are relentless and cause problems often when you least expect.  We recommend preventive maintenance as well as regular roofing inspections to insure your most valuable asset, your home or business, is protected.  A2Roofing is Michigan’s roofing contractor ready and able to provide the following services:


Free Roofing Inspections

The company has a full staff of certified roofing contractors available to visit your home or business to inspect your roof and give a full analysis of its condition.  A detailed analysis as well as a no obligation estimate is prepared in a timely manner.


Re-Roofing, Maintenance and Repair

Certified roofers are available 24/7 to re-roof, perform various maintenance type projects such as replacing shingles and or rotted wood and to repair holes or other damage caused from inclement weather or simple wear and tear.  In addition, maintenance such as application of protective coatings can help preserve the life of your roof.  Again, we use certified GAF products and materials.


Ice Dam Removal and Roof Shoveling

The winter months in Michigan can be unpredictable and particularly cold and snowy.  Ice dams often form when ice freezes, melts then refreezes.  And, it is not uncommon for snow to accumulate on roofs, especially flat roofs.  Roofing specialists are available 24/7 to remove both ice dams and excessive snow.  Timely removal is imperative to maintain the integrity of the roof.  Holes and excessive moisture leading to softening of the roofing structure are the risk.


Roof Ventilation and Upgrades

Extreme cold or hot weather can adversely affect your roof.  As certified roofing contractors, we are qualified and eager to help you preserve and extend the life of your current roof.  We can recommend and install proper ventilation and other upgrades inside your home or business.


New Roof Installation

If a new roof is what you need, roofers and roofing contractors at A2Roofing are ready and able to handle any size roof, large or small.  Most roofing installation is complete in one day.  Yes, one day!!

Our roofers are certified and well versed in the newest and best installation methods.  Supervision by the company’s owner insures you, the customer, is fully satisfied or your money back.


Contact A2Roofing for all your roofing needs at 734-548-9915 or visit our website for detailed information about our company and services we provide   A2Roofing is Michigan’s #1 roofing company!!!