Why Solar Panels Need Residential Roof Replacement Ann Arbor

Why Solar Panels Need Residential Roof Replacement Ann Arbor

When you need a new roof in Ann Arbor, Michigan, you might want to immediately replace your old roof with that looks similar to the style you already have.  On top of this, you do not want to reshingle and replace your roof before the warranty expires.  However, there is one type of roof purpose that defeats both of these common outcomes, and it has to do with solar panels.  To get a better understanding of why you might want to change your roof style before installing solar panels and why it makes sense to re-roof your home before solar is set up, keep reading.  When you are finished reading our information, be sure to give us a call with any residential roofing questions you might still have.

Why new roof installation in Ann Arbor is part of solar panel systems

Unfortunately, there is a chance a homeowner will regret having solar panels installed if they do not think about the current age of their roof.  When a roof is close to being replaced, it is not a good time to install solar panels.  Since solar panels have a warranty of about 25-years or more, having your roof repaired or replaced a few years after installing solar panels would be financially counterproductive.  In addition to replacing the roof before getting solar installed, it is important that the roof is made of the right materials.  While most shingle roofs can support solar panels with ease, there other other types of roofs that seem to work best for solar panels.

What types of residential roof replacement in Ann Arbor make sense for solar

Generally speaking, the most ideal roof for a residential solar panel installation is a steel roof.  Contractors like this style because it is easy to anchor the solar panels to the roof in any position you want.  The bolts are also easier to seal and this prevents pinhole leaks in the roof.  While there is still some debate about flat or angled metal roof styles as far as making the solar panel installation process more streamlined, a steel roof will outlast the panels.  Typically, a steel or metal roof in any style will have a 40 to 50-year warranty.  Since solar panels last about 25 years or more, this means that the roof will outlast the panels.

A metal roof is environmentally friendly

Although there are several reasons that other styles of roofs are environmentally friendly, a metal roof is one of the most simple choices for having a greener home. Obviously, metal has a low carbon footprint to produce, installation involves other metals and few chemicals, the roof does not need to be replaced often, and recycling a metal roof is also a green choice. In addition to making a choice for yourself to protect the planet, there are also monetary incentives for making environmentally-healthy decisions.

Why roofing contractors in Ann Arbor, Michigan helps you get money back for solar

There are a large number of reasons that making environmentally friendly choices can help you financially. In most cases, there are grants from the federal government for choosing certain types of roof styles or getting insulation put in the home for the first time. There are also incentives for installing a “cool roof.” In addition to getting up to 30% off the cost of installation and materials for making greener choices, there are often other incentives on the state and city level. Finally, you may be eligible for grants from local power companies or other corporations that want to give homeowners a financial incentive for going green. Interestingly, in the fine print of all of these programs is the stipulation that the homeowner has everything installed by a professional contractor. This means that you would need to hire a roof replacement specialist (and not DIY) to complete your paperwork to get your money back rebates for going green with your renovations.

Other environmentally friendly alterations to your roof

Have you been looking for ways to be environmentally friendly, and you want to know if a cistern or water storage tank can be placed on top of your roof?   You may also have seen environmentally conscious living walls or a flat roof that is used for growing a garden. Other choices that are healthy for the planet include installing a solar water heater on the roof in the exact spot where the sun will always heat it up. Finally, having professionals fix a roof so that it is ideal for wind turbines is a new challenge for roofers. No matter what your project entails, we have the skills you need to make your carbon footprint the lowest it can be.

Let us be your contractors for a new roof in Ann Arbor

When you feel that your current roofer does not understand the types of projects you want to do for your home, let us be your first choice. We are happy to help you with a large number of roofing projects that help make the environment cleaner. We are also here when you want to keep your home looking the same as the first year it was built.

For our customers that want to keep long-term roofing bills low, we help with preventative maintenance. This means that you are less likely to have roof leaks when you have a specialist come to inspect your roof at least twice a year. From solar panel installation roof repairs to reshaping your home to have a patio on the rooftop for your garden and family to enjoy, we are here for you at A2 Roofing in Ann Arbor, Michigan. To get started with a new roof, repairs, inspections, maintenance, or any questions you might have, give one of our friendly staff a call today.  Thank you in advance for choosing us, and we look forward to hearing from you.