Has Your Ann Arbor Roof Been Damaged by a Storm?

Thunderstorms, hail, high winds and falling branches can all take a toll on your home’s roof, which is why it’s so important to do an inspection following any severe storm. Sometimes, roof damage is obvious — finding shingles in your yard would be a no-brainer, for example. Other times, however, damage can be more insidious. Here’s how to inspect your roof to make sure you spot any and all storm damage, large or small …

  • Inspect your attic with a flashlight for leaks or water damage. If you notice water stains on your ceilings or walls, you likely need roof repair or replacement.
  • If the storm produced hail, it’s important to check both roof and siding for damage. On the roof, hail damage usually appears in the form of dimples made by small chunks of hail pounding the outer layer of shingles. Wind can also produce significant damage, curling shingles and leaving the underlayment, old shingles or the roof deck susceptible to further damage.
  • Check for storm damage from the ground. As mentioned, finding stray shingles is a glaring sign that your Ann Arbor roof has sustained wind damage. But you should also check for pieces of metal fascia, or any metal pieces of flashing that may have been dislodged from around your chimney. You should also assess the condition of exhaust pipes, outer edges and angles where the roof meets the walls of your home. Finally, inspect gutters and downspouts. Damage to those may be a sign that your roof has also sustained damage.

Stay Safe!

If a tree or a large limb fell on your roof, you’ll obviously notice damage. It’s a good idea to get out of your home until a professional roofer can inspect. Your home may have sustained both roof and structural damage, and should be examined by professionals and pronounced safe before you return.

It’s also wise to entrust a visual inspection that involves walking on your roof to a professional roofer who will know if an area is unable to support a person’s weight, and will be able to spot subtle signs of damage that you may miss.

Call Your Homeowner’s Insurance Agent

Contact your insurance agent immediately. Save all receipts and written estimates for repair or replacement of your roof. Also, be sure to document any work you’ve done yourself such as covering a broken window with plastic, since your policy may have a provision for reimbursement for temporary repairs. It’s also a great idea to document damage with photographs. (Your smart phone camera is great for this.)

Find the Right Ann Arbor Roofing Company

When it comes to repairing or replacing a storm damaged roof in Ann Arbor, you’ll want to make sure that you contract with a reputable roofing company that’s reliable, trustworthy, provides 24/7 emergency service and a money-back guarantee on materials and workmanship. Sound like a tall order? Not if you’re familiar with A2 Roofing. Not only do we guarantee our materials and workmanship are top quality, we also have a “no leak” guarantee for all roof repairs and replacements. We understand the challenges of Ann Arbor weather and know that your roof must be able to withstand extreme heat, heavy wind and rain, sub-zero temperatures, and months of snowstorms.

We’re also insurance claims specialists and can help you navigate a claim form to ensure that you receive the fastest possible reimbursement for roof repairs or replacement. You won’t have to wait days or weeks for a new roof or repairs to your existing roof either. We have roofing repairs and replacement — both residential and commercial — down to a science and complete most jobs in just one day!

Our inspections and estimates are free, and our years of experience, licensing, insurance, and certifications make us the most logical, no-worry choice to service your roofing needs in Ann Arbor.

Contact us any time — day or night — for a no-obligation inspection and estimate!