Need a New Roof for Your Ann Arbor Area Home or Business?

The roofs in this part of Michigan have to withstand a lot of abuse over the years — driving rain, gusty winds, snow, sleet, broiling heat and sub-zero temperatures. In the Ann Arbor area, the weather is both extreme and fickle! That means that if you want your roof to last a few decades, its structure had better be solid and the materials, top quality and made to withstand abuse from the elements!

Anatomy of an Ann Arbor Roof

Unless you’re a roofer yourself or you’re building a new home, you probably don’t give much thought to what goes in to the creation of the structure that protects your home from the elements. The term “a roof over our heads” is just a trite expression in popular culture. But a roof is actually a system of components that work together to insulate and protect, and ultimately contribute to the style and curb appeal of your Ann Arbor home. The top layer — the shingles, clay tiles, metal, etc. — that most people think of as their home’s “roof” is actually only one part of a cohesive system that includes foundation of the roof (the trusses, rafters, etc.), insulation, the deck (on to which an underlayment, shingles or other finishing material will be installed), flashing (to keep areas around roof structures like the chimney or a plumbing vent from letting water, heat and cold in), and the gutter system which allows the roof to shed water and direct it away from your home’s foundation.

Yes, like most things in life, there’s quite a bit below the surface of your home’s roof — more than meets the eye, so to speak! And believe it or not, a large part of the equation that will add up to your roof’s “lifespan” will depend on how well everything was put together from the bottom up.

But we get where you’re coming from. Aesthetics matter — a lot! That’s why it’s important to choose a material that matches the style of your home, but one that will also be efficient and dependable when charged with the task of keeping all that extreme Michigan weather outside, where it belongs! That’s where consulting with a professional, licensed Ann Arbor roofing company comes in. A roofing company that’s been working in the Ann Arbor region for a while will understand what works best in our climate in terms of efficiency and longevity, and can even guide you towards alternatives that provide the best protection but also do the most to enhance your homes curb appeal.

Next comes the hardest and most important part — choosing the roofing company that will give you the most value plus the professional results you’re after …

How to Choose an Ann Arbor Roofing Company

Isn’t it funny when you scan the yellow pages for a company to perform a service — electrical work, plumbing, or roofing — it’s sometimes one of the first names you see under that category, that ends up also being the best at what they do? We at A-2 Roofingkinda feel like that’s the case with us. Of course, we’re not advocating that sort of approach to investing in a new roof (or any other home improvement job), we’re just pointing out the irony here! Here’s what we mean. When you contract for roof replacement or repairs with A-2 Roofing, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Experience – We’ve been providing roofing services to homes and businesses in the greater Ann Arbor area for years, and the fact that we’re still here doing it tells you that not only do we do great work, we do it honestly and with the integrity of a team who takes pride in its craftsmanship every day!
  • Versatility – We can repair or replace any shape of roof from flat to gabled and everything in between. We’re also experts in all roofing style choices like shingles, cedar shakes, metal, clay tile, etc.
  • No-Nonsense Service – One of the things our customers like best about A2 roofing is that we’re “out of your hair” in short order! Seriously, we finish most roofing jobs in just one day, and leave your property looking as good as it did when we arrived on the job.
  • An On-Site Owner – If you’ve got a concern about your new roof or any aspect of an installation or repair project we’re doing for you, you’ll be happy to know that our owner — a licensed, insured roofer — is on-site and available to speak with you whenever you feel the need. (Try finding that anywhere else!)
  • A Lifetime Material and Labor Guarantee – It takes a confident company to offer the broad-reaching warranty that we offer here at A2 Roofing in Ann Arbor. Your new roof is guaranteed — both in terms of workmanship and materials — for its expected lifespan, or we’ll replace it at no cost! (Now those might be just words on paper for some “fly-by-night” roofer, but at A2 Roofing, a long-standing service provider in the Ann Arbor region, it actually means something.)
  • 24/7 Emergency Service – Your roof sprung a leak during a thunderstorm at 2 a.m.? Of course it did! You don’t think that kind of thing is going to wait until “regular business hours” to mess with you, do you? No worries! A2 Roofing will respond quickly to save your roof — and your hardwood floors!
  • Help With Your Home or Business Insurance Claim – Those forms can be confusing, but A2 Roofing has plenty of insurance claims experience and we’re here to help if you need it!
  • Free On-Site Inspection and Estimate – We’ll do an in-depth inspection of your roof and provide you with a no-nonsense estimate and time frame for you to compare with other bids you might receive. If you choose A2 Roofing, we’ll be on the job when we say we will and out of your way quickly, leaving behind a perfectly repaired or installed new roof, ready to take on the first of many many years of harsh Ann Arbor weather! Our roofs are guaranteed not to leak — it’s our hallmark!

Here are a few more things you should know about us …

  • We use only the very best products like Certainteed and GAF, because we know that a quality performance is only realistic when you use top quality products.
  • We keep up on any new developments or trends in our craft, so we’re always on top of the latest techniques and materials.
  • We’re professionals. No unqualified “laborers” here. Just a fine-tuned team of roofing pros, which frankly, is what you need to get the job done right!

A Few Words of Sage Advice

We understand that investing in a new roof is a big deal, and not something you take lightly. We want you to know that we offer financing if you need it, and we’ll work with you to provide you with a roof that fits your budget and looks and performs great!

But here’s the thing about spending your hard-earned money on a new roof. It’s an investment in the value of your home or business because it’s protecting and enhancing your biggest asset. Ignoring a failing roof will inevitably lead to more bilateral damage and expense than you bargained for! At A2 Roofing, we promise that we’ll quote you a fair price for your new roof (or repairs), and perform with the expertise that you expect — and deserve. You’ll be happy with your new Ann Arbor roof. We guarantee it!

Why not be proactive and contact us today for a free inspection and quote?