The Best Roofing Financing in Ann Arbor

Securing the best roofing financing in Ann Arbor does not have to be a challenge. Obtaining financing should be a fast, simple process that allows you to focus your energies fully on installation of your new roof. Unfortunately, not all roofing financing providers are created equal. Below is a look at the qualities that you should seek in a roofing financing provider and key factors to consider when finalizing your decision of a roofing company.

What should you do if need a new roof but cannot afford to pay for one?

Many homeowners are living under damaged, unstable roofs because they fear that they cannot afford the cost of a new roof. Delaying roof replacement can lead to extensive interior damage to your home and belongings. More importantly, delaying repairs or replacement can put you and your loved ones at risk for injury.

When your roof sustains damage, it is important to seek the services of a trusted Ann Arbor roofing company right away. Make sure to inquire about financing options immediately. You will be surprised to know that the top roofing companies in Ann Arbor have a number of attractive financing options to fit your budget. The faster you seek help, the faster you will be on the path to a secure living environment and an affordable payment plan.

What qualities should you seek in a roofing financing provider?

The path to the best roofing financing begins with a keen understanding of what to look for in a provider. The top industry providers have years of experience and are committed to helping you obtain the financing you need quickly. Here are the key qualities to look for in a roofing financing provider:

1) A swift response

When your roof is in urgent need of replacement or repair, you need to know your financing options right away. Waiting on a response from a financing provider could cause your problems to worsen. The financing provider you choose should be easily accessible by phone, email, and text. Some of the best providers are known to begin outlining options in a matter of minutes.

2) Consideration of your budget

“By offering multiple financing options with affordable monthly payments based on a customer’s budget, roofing contractors can quickly address emergency situations and begin immediate replacement or repairs.”

 Michael Fredericks, Roofing Contractor Magazine

No two homeowner budgets are exactly alike. Your financial situation is unique and should be considered by your provider when exploring payment plans for you. Thorough providers will ask you questions about your current financial situation in an effort to find the best plan for your budget.

3) Reasonable rates

Attractive rates are the cornerstone of an attractive payment plan. Unfortunately, most roofing companies do not have affordable financing plans. The good news is that top tier roofing companies often work with the nation’s leading lending institutions. They are able to offer rates that are far more competitive than the 10.2 percent quoted by many personal lending companies. So remember to request a formal financing quote.

4) A variety of financing plans

Having several plans to consider gives you the flexibility and peace of mind that you need when finalizing your roof replacement. Look for providers that offer multiple financing options and take the time to evaluate each of them alongside your budget. Ideally, the roof financing provider you choose should offer the following:

  • A manageable down payment: Look for providers that offer plans that do not require a massive down payment
  • $0 down payment plans: If you currently have little cash in the bank to put down on a new roof, ask about the possibility of a $0 down plan
  • Government grants: Some established roofing companies work with government grants to help cover the cost of a new roof
  • No prepayment penalties: Make sure you ask each roofing company if you can prepay your loan without penalty to save money
  • Poor credit options: If your credit is sub par, make sure to inquire about special options for Ann Arbor homeowners with poor credit

“Oftentimes, people think they are out of luck with financing options with bad credit. That is simply not true. Actually, if you have bad credit then proof of repayment on your roof financing can be a way to turn your credit around.”

– Millionaire Mob

5) Collaboration with insurance providers

If your roof sustained damage during a fire or a tornado, you will likely be eligible for a reimbursement check that could help finance your new roof. Ann Arbor’s most outstanding roofing companies will work with you to process your insurance paperwork right away so you are able to receive  reimbursement. They often have an extensive network of insurance industry contacts who can help expedite your check.

6) Fast approvals

One of the biggest transformations within the roofing financing industry is a move toward completely paperless systems. This enables providers to complete your application quickly and accurately online by using a tablet or smartphone. You can then sign and receive your financing documents electronically. This enables funding to occur as fast as 48 hours. Seeking a company with a paperless financing application system can therefore help you receive a new roof faster.

7) Guidance and recommendations on loan options

Top-notch roofing companies with finance experience can open your eyes to loan options that you may never consider on your own. For example, many homeowners do not realize that they may qualify for a Federal Housing Administration loan. An established roofing contractor will make you aware of federal loan options and help you determine whether you might be eligible for this type of financing:

“Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Title I loans can be used for home improvements that will make your home more livable and useful. This includes roof financing. Property owners with good credit and limited home equity qualify for this loan. Banks and other qualified lenders make these loans from their own funds, and FHA insures the lender against a possible loss. This includes new roofs…”

– Moe Berrigan, Home Advancement

What are the benefits of working with a roofing company that also offers financing?

Many people are unaware that there are some roofing companies that have their own financing plans. They request a quote for a new roof and then visit their bank or a private lender to try to obtain financing. While this is certainly an option, you can save time and money by choosing a roofing company that also offers financing plans. Here is a look at some of the specific benefits of working with a roofing company that can also handle financing:

  • Time savings: You can save countless hours of time that you would spend reaching out to lenders on your own to request quotes
  • Access to a large network of lenders: Your roofing company will know exactly which lenders will be the best for your financial situation
  • Cost savings: Companies that work with a large network of providers typically have access to lower financing rates

Finalizing your decision for the best roofing financing in Ann Arbor

Now that you have narrowed the available roofing financing options to those that possess the qualities above, it is time to finalize your decision. Remember that sound financing is just one piece of the roofing puzzle. Even more important is selecting a roofing company that approaches quality roofing with the same discretion as the financing piece. Before you sign on the dotted line, take the time to review a roofing company’s industry reputation. Here are three things that will affect both your short and long-term roofing expenses:

1) A clear written quotation

Before you agree to move forward with a roofing company, request an itemized quotation that clearly outlines exactly what is included with your new roof. This helps to ensure that there are no surprise fees or additional costs tacked on the back end of your installation.

2) Industry experience

There is no room for error within the roofing industry. Selecting a provider with decades of industry experience can help prevent installation errors, choice of sub par shingles, and unsafe installation practices. Make sure that the provider you choose is licensed, insured, and has a proven track record of success installing roofs in the Ann Arbor area.

3) Your warranty

Securing a new roof can cost thousands of dollars. You deserve the peace of mind that comes along with a comprehensive no leak warranty. Ask your roofing company to specify your warranty in writing on your quotation and keep a copy on hand in case problems arise.

The A2 Roofing Financing Difference

At A2 Roofing, we believe that financing should never be a barrier to securing the new roof that you need. We are continually expanding our wide array of affordable financing plans and work tirelessly every day to make the financing process easy for our customers. The A2 Roofing team also recognizes the role of quality in a new roof. To ensure that you receive the highest quality roof, we work with the industry’s top manufacturers, including  GAF, CertainTeed, Owens Corning, and Tamko.

We invite you to contact us at A2 Roofing to discover why are are Ann Arbor’s most dependable resource for roofing financing. We are happy to provide you with a complimentary estimate and evaluate your eligibility for financing. We look forward to serving as your trusted resource for all of your roofing needs!