What Are the Eight Biggest Myths About Roof Repair in Ann Arbor?

The Michigan roofing industry is a lot like Hollywood in one sense: It is constantly abuzz with myths and rumors. And it is not always easy to separate the myths from the facts – especially if you are contending with a damaged roof for the first time. By familiarizing yourself with some of the biggest myths about roof repair, you can help prevent more extensive damage from occurring. Below is a look at eight roof repair myths that can lead homeowners astray when pursuing roof repair in Ann Arbor, MI.

Myth #1: It is okay to put off minor roof repairs.

Reality: Delaying roof repairs can lead to property damage and higher expenses.

Holding off on your roof repairs may seem innocent enough. But procrastination is actually one of the worst mistakes you can make as a homeowner. As days turn into weeks and weeks evolve into months, you are planting the seeds for more extensive property damage and higher expenses. Here are some examples of the problems that can arise when you delay tending to minor roof repairs:

  • Ceiling damage is imminent as the amount of water seeping through your roof gradually increases
  • Higher energy bills can result as cold air seeps in through the damaged areas of your roof
  • Pest control problems can develop as insects, rodents, and wild animals begin to enter your home through roof holes
  • More expensive repair bills will result as your leak continues to grow and the extent of your roof damage increases

Myth #2: Roofing companies require you to pay in full for all roof repairs.

Reality: Top roof repair companies offer superb financing options.

Leaders in Michigan’s roof repair industry believe that limited finances should never prevent you from ensuring that your roof is secure. They make it easy for customers to move forward with roof repairs by offering the best roofing financing in Ann Arbor. Homeowners can choose from a variety of financing plans such as $0 down payment plans, government grants, and manageable down payments. Some companies will even offer special options for customers in Ann Arbor with poor credit.

Myth #3: You can save money by trying to do your own roof repairs.

Reality: Most roof repairs are best handled by a skilled technician.

“…Falls account for 76 percent of fatalities in the roofing industry, and workers in the roofing industry are three times more likely to experience fatal work-related injuries than other construction workers.” – Laura Walter, EHS Today

Some Ann Arbor homeowners might be tempted to grab a ladder, some spare shingles, and a tarp and try to handle their roof repairs on their own. Unfortunately, many attempted DIY roof repair roof repair jobs end up causing more harm than good. Navigating a slippery, sloping roof without the proper tools or protective gear is a recipe for disaster, especially for untrained homeowners.

Myth #4: Roof repairs usually cost thousands of dollars.

Reality: The average roof repair job costs only $650.

Many people are surprised to learn that the average roof repair job costs $650. In fact, some homeowners pay as little as $300 for minor roof repair jobs. While higher end repair jobs can exceed $1,000, they are the exception rather than the rule and are typically associated with extensive repair projects.

In the rare circumstances that a repair estimate adds up to several thousand dollars, an experienced roofing company will talk to you about the possibility of roof replacement as an alternative option to pursuing repairs. Replacing your roof might be the best option if your roof is several decades old or your damage is extensive.

Myth #5: When it comes to roof repairs, the cheapest company is best.

Reality: You get what you pay for. Cheap companies often use cheap materials.

The best roof repair in Ann Arbor is rarely the cheapest. While prices might be affordable, fly-by-night roofers may offer lower prices – some of which may seem too good to be true. While it can be tempting to choose the roofer with the cheaper price tag, it is important to recognize that a lower price often equates to lower quality. Here are some ways to ensure that you do not fall prey to a too-good-to-be-true roof repair scam:

  • “What brand of shingles and materials do you use?”
  • “What type of warranty will I receive with that price?”
  • “May I please see evidence of your license and insurance?”
  • “How long have you been serving the Ann Arbor community?”

Fly by night roofers will often struggle to answer these questions and may refuse to put any details of their offers in writing. Their knowledge of residential building codes and local regulations is often limited and they rarely use top roofing products such as GAF or Owens Corning.

Myth #6: You can stop a leak by patching it or putting a tarp on your roof.

Reality: While tarps or patches can help, they are not permanent solutions. 

Putting a patch or tarp over a roof leak may temporarily prevent water from entering your home. However, this is a temporary solution that is a poor match for the 43 inches of snow and 36 inches of rain that fall in Ann Arbor every year. Additionally, patches and tarps can look unsightly and can detract from the aesthetic appeal of your home and neighborhood.

The most effective course of action is a thorough inspection of your roof and repair of the damaged areas. A thorough evaluation and repair job offers homeowners a long-term solution that eliminates the need to purchase cumbersome tarps or patches. And a skilled roof repair specialist will work hard to ensure that replacement shingles are a good match for the color and texture of your existing roof materials.

Myth #7: A leaking roof really doesn’t hurt anything if the leak is small.

Reality: Small leaks can damage your property and lead to injury.

If you think a small roof leak is not hazardous to your health, then think again. A small, slow roof leak that is not repaired can result in major property damage and can pose serious health risks. Here is a look at some of the serious problems that can arise when small roof repairs are ignored:

  • Trips and falls can result when there is moisture on the floor due to a small roof leak
  • Mold and mildew can grow quickly on insulation, ceiling tiles, and household furnishings, leading to respiratory problems
  • Damage to paint and plaster can occur even as small amounts of water accumulate on your walls and ceiling
  • Fire hazards become a serious threat when water from a leaky roof comes into contact with electrical wiring

Repairing a small leak before it has a chance to worsen is the best way to safeguard against these problems and protect your well-being. And the good news is that small leaks can usually be repaired quickly by a trained roofing technician.

Myth #8: There is really no difference between shingle brands

Reality: Low quality shingles are more prone to curling and blistering.

Roofers who do not invest in high quality roofing materials often tell customers that there is no difference between the elite shingle brands such as GAF, and lesser known basic brands. But the truth is that leading manufacturers such as CertainTeed and GAF stand behind their products by offering a lifetime warranty. Other manufacturers stop well short of this guarantee and homeowners often pay the price in the form of more frequent shingle replacement.

What should you do today if your roof needs to be repaired?

Understanding the myths and realities of roof repair is the first step on the path to a safer, more secure home. But the process does not stop there. If your roof is in need of repair, the best step you can take is to contact the roof repair professionals with A2 Roofing.

With over two decades of experience serving the Ann Arbor community, A2 Roofing has the tools and resources to make sure that your roof repairs are completed swiftly and professionally. Here are a few reasons why A2 Roofing is Ann Arbor’s most trusted choice for roof repairs:

  • The latest cutting-edge equipment: A2 Roofing technicians use sturdy ladders, safety harnesses, and top-notch personal protective gear.
  • Personalized guidance from ownership: An A2 Roofing owner is onsite for every major roofing project to oversee project progress.
  • Relevant roofing certifications: In addition to being fully licensed and insured, A2 Roofing is certified by GAF and CertainTeed.
  • Attractive financing options: To help our customers afford their roof repairs, we offer a variety of special financing options.
  • A lifetime warranty: A2 Roofing offers a lifetime warranty on all GAF and CertainTeed roofing materials.

To learn more about our commitment to providing the highest quality roof repairs, we invite you to contact us at A2 Roofing today. One of our skilled technicians will be happy to talk to you about your roof damage and outline the repair options we can offer. We look forward to helping to put a safer, more secure roof over your head!