The Best Time Of Year To Install A New Roof

If you were wondering when is the best time of year to install a new roof in Ann Arbor, the answer is, right now. Although roofing contractors work throughout every season, the months of summer offer more reliable weather for uninterrupted roofing projects. Here are the top 5 reasons homeowners and contractors prefer this time of year above all others for residential roofing jobs.

1. Weather: As the rainy season is left behind, work days become more predictable. Dry conditions are necessary for roofing installation. Even a light sprinkle can make conditions unsafe to work in. Homeowners also don’t want water to begin leaking into a home that has its primary rain barrier compromised.

2. Materials: There are many different types of roofing materials to choose from. Some have particular temperature requirements for proper installation. For example, shingles that undergo thermal sealing will need several days and nights, perhaps even weeks, where temperatures do not drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Savings: As outdoor temperatures climb during the summer, so do utility bills. A new roof investment can quickly pay off with improved insulation and energy-efficiency. A new roof today can mean a lower electricity bill tomorrow.

4. Spring & Winter Damage: After a roof has endured the rigors of the snow and ice of winter and then the downpours and high winds of spring, summer is the perfect time to set things right if any damage has incurred.

5. Vacation Time: With many families taking summer vacations before the kids go back to school, a homeowner may find that they don’t have to wait weeks for their project to start. So, while others are away on vacation, you could be first in line for a new roof.


Tips For Hiring A Roofing Company: A new roof is a serious investment. Asking the right questions will get a homeowner the right company for the job. Here are 5 questions to ask along with the reason the question matters:

1. What is your company’s physical address? It’s important to hire a company with a brick-and-mortar storefront that is established in its local community. Otherwise you may be hiring some fly-by-night upstart that might not be around to solve roofing problems in the future.

2. Do you have insurance? There are 2 key types of coverage a reputable roofing company will have. Workmen’s compensation protects homeowners in the event of an injury to someone on the roofing crew. Liability protection covers any damage caused by roofers to the home. Avoid the costly mistake of being responsible for medical bills and property damage. Get proof of insurance.

3. Do you use roofing subcontractors? If subcontractors are used, it needs to be determined that workmen’s compensation and liability insurance coverage apply to those workers as well.

4. What are your credentials? Certain industry credentials, such as being GAF certified, ensure homeowners that roofers are well-trained to provide quality workmanship. It also means that they understand the products being used so that manufacturer warranties are not invalidated by improper installation methods.

5. Do you have references and offer a warranty? Any reputable roofing company will have past customers who were pleased with their work. Get their contact information and find out how the job went. Also, nail down the details on any warranty offered by a roofing company that supplements manufacturer warranties of materials.

Ann Arbor roofs need to be able to withstand serious weather extremes. Heat is searing during the summer and the climate is sub-zero during winter months. Only trust your home’s new roof to experienced professionals who are skilled in the best products and installation practices for Michigan homes. Please contact us for a free estimate. Our roofing experts can answer your questions, help you find the right roofing solution and devise a plan that suits your budget.