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 If you’ve been searching for Ann Arbor roofers, you know there is a lot of information out there. Some roofing contractors are unlicensed, yet don’t disclose that anywhere in their signage or on their website. These unscrupulous contractors give legitimate companies like ours a bad name.  A2 Roofing is a credible and top-rated roofing company in your neighborhood. In business for over 22 years, we are a family-owned and operated organization that is proud to be in your community. Feel free to check the reviews in GAF – we come highly recommended for:

  • New roof installation, repairs and maintenance
  • Garage roofing
  • Metal and flat roofs
  • Most roofs installed in just a day
  • No-cost or obligation estimates
  • Building Permits, Cleanup & Removal and Roof Inspections
  • Lifetime warrantees on roof replacements

It will ease your mind knowing we have verified reviews from a manufacturer, making us the perfect choice for your next home improvement project. Finding licensed roofing contractors shouldn’t be that hard – we make it easy for you.

 Follow the positive reviews

 A2 Roofing is the #1 choice for all things roofing in your home town. We’re the experts at residential and commercial roofing, using the best quality materials from leading manufacturers such as CertainTeed and GAF. If you go where satisfied customers go, you’ll be heading in the right direction. They know what to look for in a licensed and insured roofing contractor, so by following their lead your selection for your home roofing job will be an easy one. If you call us you can instantly book roofing contractors in Ann Arbor Michigan, with no long waiting period.  Plus, we’ve got great deals on financing including:

  • Easy and fast credit approvals
  • 60 months same as cash
  • Some plans as low as $0 down
  • Low payments plans for every budget

A2 Roofing is the one to call when your roof is deteriorating. Missing or loose shingles? Not a problem? Need roof ice dam removal? New roof installation? Roof replacement, repairs or maintenance? We can handle it. Our roofing professionals are highly skilled at diagnosing the problem and developing a quick and affordable solution.

 Accessible owner

 We’re proud of the fact that our owner is on site for every home improvement and roofing project in Ann Arbor, MI. We’re always current on our licenses, certifications and insurance, so you’ll have nothing to worry about.  You can trust our skilled roofing experts to do everything from perform a roofing inspection, to pulling a permit, installing your new roof, cleaning up all work areas, and ensuring everything is up to city code. We’ve always been a hands-on, family friendly roofing company, ready and eager to serve you in your neighborhood. You may think roofing is easy – that you’ll save some money by doing it yourself. But hold on – there are many aspects to consider. Do you know all the local regulations and state rules? Are you capable of doing a tear-off? Do you have heavy duty uniforms and equipment, as well as an industrial strength ladder? If not, you’re probably in over your head. A2 Roofing is always an exceptional, high-quality roofing company that has been continually rated the best in Washtenaw County.

Repairing or replacing a roof that’s been impacted by hail, snow, rain, ice, fire, or high winds can be a complex job. Our highly knowledgeable roofing specialists are up for the challenge, though. We constantly receive annual training and certifications so we’re up to date on the latest roofing techniques. Don’t risk your property by hiring a company that is not endorsed by the Better Business Bureau, has no referrals, or can’t produce a current builder’s license. Don’t trust your home to a company you can verify with the state of Michigan, one that has no social media accounts or customer referrals. By calling us at

734-548-9915 you’ll be playing it safe as we have been a top customer pick in your town for the past five years in a row. Let us help you bring your property back to its glory by installing a roof that is energy efficient and durable.



 Ann Arbor Roofers Share Their Trade Secrets


When you spot a leak in your ceiling, it often means that you need a new roof. There’s a lot of different factors to consider when it comes to getting a new roof, which is why Ann Arbor roofers from A2 Roofing is here to help. We’re going to share common warning signs that may indicate you need a new roof and how to find reliable roofing contractors in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

To get started, we’re going to go through some key questions A2 Roofing considers for their clients.

How Old Is Your Roof?

Age is important, especially when it comes to your home. It’s common for a roof to last between 20 to 25 years on average, but this number can fluctuate based on some factors. For instance, what kind of roof is it? Some materials are meant to uphold against harsh weather longer, which can add many years to the average roof life. Shingled roofs can also surprise a lot of residents, especially if they find minimal layers or discover it wasn’t properly ventilated. Knowing how old your roof is can be a critical factor while deciding if you should get a new roof or just a repair.

How Healthy Are Your Shingles?

Shingles are meant to be flat and secure. If you notice your shingles have any of the following issues, it may be time to get an inspection for a new potential roof:

  • Curled or buckling shingles
  • Damaged shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Ridging spots
  • Vermin damage

The best way to know if your shingles can be repaired is having certified roofing contractors in Ann Arbor to visit and provide a free estimate, just like A2 Roofing does.

How Sturdy Are Your Roof Boards?

When you walk along your roof, what do you feel? Do you notice a spongy feeling or soft bounce when walking across the roof? If you do, that could mean your decking underneath has been compromised from moisture over the years. A good way to double check this issue is to go into your attic to see if you notice any sunlight shining through the roof boards. If you see some, it’s time to get a new roof and avoid further damage.

Also, it’s important to check for moisture in the insulation. That could result in more damage if it’s not caught quickly.

 How Is Your Roof Valley Holding Up?

First off, it may be helpful to understand what a roof valley is, it’s the “V” shape that runs up or down the sides of a roof. If you notice that your shingles are missing around this area, or even tearing apart, it’s time for a new roof. A roof valley is a critical piece to your home’s roof since it allows weather elements, such as rain or snow, to slide down your roof and into the gutters. If your valley is damaged or failing in any way, leaks can form and start damaging your home further. This is why A2 Roofing strong recommends always checking on your roof valley through the years.

How to Find Reliable Roofing Contractors in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

It’s important to trust and find a professional to handle any of your roofing needs, whether you just need repairs or a new roof. A2 Roofing recommends considering the following:

  • Don’t make fast decisions, complete your due diligence – it’s always tempting to go with the first estimate you receive, but you could be missing out on important details by not shopping around, such as warranties or securing a turnaround time or completion date.
  • Ask your family and friends for recommendations – nothing tells you more about a potential company than talking with one of their customers firsthand. This can prevent you from having a poor customer service experience.
  • Consider your options and your needs – it can be easy to revert to the material your previous roof used, but it may be helpful to see all the options available because different materials last longer or perform better than others perform. This tactic can help your roof investment last longer and possibly avoid needing another one.
  • Question potential roofing contractors about their experience, licensing or certifications – hire a profession team that has lots of experience and required licensing/certifications. If you hire an amateur, mistakes can happen, which can raise costs and take more time to remedy.

While it can be challenging to find someone to take care of your new roof, we have a way to make it easier for you. A2 Roofing is proud to be a local roofing contractor in Ann Arbor and has a talented team of professionals ready to tackle any roof needs. They offer free estimates and always offer a money-back guarantee because they care for every house as if it was their own.

Give A2 Roofing a call today at 734-548-9915 to schedule your zero obligation estimate and learn why so many Ann Arbor residents select A2 Roofing when their roof needs work.




Understanding the Complexities of Your Ann Arbor Roof

If you had to choose a system in your house that absolutely cannot fail, it just might be your roofing system. A good roofing system not only protects your home from the elements, it also protects and increases the value of the largest investment most of make in our lifetimes. In fact, according to a cost vs. value report published in Remodeling Magazine in 2013, a new roof can increase the value of your home by an average of nearly $12,000. A new roof, it would seem, might just be the one update that’s really worth making if you’re planning to sell your home in the next few years!

Climate Demands

Given the extremes in Ann Arbor’s weather — hot summers, an average yearly snowfall in excess of 4-1/2 feet, cold winter temperatures with lows consistently below freezing, seasonal wind and rain — a really good roof in Ann Arbor isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity!

The Curb Appeal Factor

An older roof that no longer matches a newly sided or painted home or a roof that’s showing its age has a huge impact on curb appeal, and it’s not a positive one! Whether you’re looking for sharp contrast, a mellow blending of colors, or just a roof that coordinates nicely with your home’s exterior and style, the sheer variety of roofing choices available today all but ensure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding on roofing colors and materials …

  • Light-colored roofs tend to keep a house cooler inside, which is why they’re perfect for climates with more warm weather than cold.
  • In contrast, a dark-colored roof will keep a home warmer, and will also absorb sunlight to help melt accumulations of snow and ice.
  • Neutral colors like tans, creams, browns, grays and clay colors, are safe choices that will stay in style for many years and will also help to ensure a good resale value.
  • If you’re looking for a look that’s a bit trendier, consider shingles that mix tones of the same color, such as browns or grays, or a mix of coordinating colors such as blue, black and gray.
  • Remember, high-contrast roofs will highlight the features of your home, while low-contrast colors are better if you’re looking to downplay defects.
  • Consider the other homes in your neighborhood and the colors of their roofs. You don’t have to match anybody’s roof, but you do want to make sure your isn’t going to look odd or out-of-place in the neighborhood.
  • Consider your home’s architecture when choosing a roofing material. For example, a Mediterranean style (Italian, Spanish or French Country) will look best with a tile roof.
  • Consider a metal roof if you plan to be in your home for a long time. It’s considerably more expensive up-front, but it all but ensures that you’ll never need another roof again! Snow and ice slide right off a metal roof, and they’re available in a variety of colors to match, contrast or coordinate with your home’s exterior.

Your Roof is a System of Parts that Work Together

Most of us, when considering our roof, think of it as simply a shingle-covered expanse that covers our house like the lid on a box, keeping what’s inside protected from the elements. In reality, your roof’s shingle-covered deck is actually the largest component in a system of parts that work in orchestration. Below is a partial list of the components that make up a roofing system …

  • truss (the roof’s “skeleton”)
  • rafters (part of the truss; the beams that run from the top to the bottom of the roof)
  • decking (the material that covers the rafters, and to which the roof covering — shingles, tiles, metal panels, etc. — are attached)
  • underlayment (the heavy material — sometimes known as “tar paper” that goes under the roof covering as a moisture barrier)
  • drip edge (edging at the end of the roof to keep water from affecting the sides of your home)
  • fascia (trim that covers the rafter end of the eaves; this is the area where the gutter system is attached)
  • soffit (a finished underside of the eaves covering the area between the ends of the eaves and the house)
  • valley (internal angle formed where two sloping roof planes meet)
  • flashing (pieces of metal used to prevent water from seeping into seams at roof intersections, around vent pipes and chimneys, etc.)

As you can see, a roofing system is far more complex than a simple waterproof “lid” covering the top of your home!

How to Know When Your Roof Needs Replacing

It may look okay from a distance, but upon closer inspection, you may notice some of the following signs of damage …

  • missing, curled or damaged shingles
  • water damage (especially if it’s affected the decking or the rafters)
  • leaks/holes
  • missing flashing
  • wear and tear (missing protective coating)

Depending upon the extent and severity of the problems an inspection reveals, you may find that repairs will be enough, but in the case of an older roof with a deck that’s been shingled over several times, a new roof is often the best option. And speaking of inspections, it’s best to leave a roof inspection to a professional who’ll know what to look for, and who’s got the training to navigate safely on a steeply sloped, high surface! That leads to the next consideration: How will you choose an Ann Arbor roofing contractor you can trust to give you an honest appraisal of your roof’s condition, instead of one who’ll exaggerate problems simply to sell you a new roof when it may need a few key repairs instead?

How to Choose an Ann Arbor Roofing Contractor

Given the climate demands of the region, you’ll ant to be sure that your Ann Arbor roofers have plenty of local experience under their belts. You’ll also want to check their credentials and certifications. A2 Roofing knows that there’s plenty of competition in the Ann Arbor region, which is why we’ve taken pains to ensure that we remain heads and shoulders above our competitors. How do we do that? By offering our customers the following reasons to choose A2 Roofing for their Ann Arbor roofing repairs or replacement …

  • We use only the highest quality materials.
  • Every professional in our company is industry trained and certified in using GAF and Certainteed products and techniques (a distinction given to only a handful of the best roofers in the business)
  • We guarantee our work — both labor and materials. Your new roof will stand the test of time, or we’ll replace it for free. Every roof we install is guaranteed to stand up to whatever the Ann Arbor weather has to offer — without leaking!
  • We don’t take forever to complete your roof. (There’s no showing up for a few hours and not returning for a few days or a week.) We know what we’re doing, which is why we finish most roofs in just a single day.
  • We offer 24/7 emergency service. So if your current roof starts leaking during of a middle-of-the-night thunderstorm, we won’t make you wait until “regular business hours” for help.
  • A2 Roofing’s fully licensed and insured owner is on-site, and ready to answer your questions and offer assistance any time. (You won’t find that in many other area roofing companies!)
  • We’re versatile. No matter if your roof is on your business or on your home, and no matter what its style or materials, we can repair or replace it.
  • We offer free inspections and estimates. No strings attached. Really.
  • We’re insurance claim experts, so you won’t have to sweat figuring out how to fill out a lengthy and often confusing insurance form on your own. We’ll help you through the process to ensure that you receive reimbursement for repairs or replacement as soon as possible.

So if you’re considering a new roof for your Ann Arbor home or business, or you just need reliable, expert repairs, contact us at A2 Roofing today!

Licensed roofing contractors Ann Arbor

Licensed roofing contractors Ann Arbor

If your roof is looking worn out, tattered, is peeling and full of holes, it’s time you looked for licensed roofing contractors in Ann Arbor MI. Taking care of loose or missing shingles or roof leaks requires specific knowledge of local and state laws and regulations, as well as information regarding the latest roof replacement, roof installation and roof repairs techniques.  The experts at A2 Roofing have been in business over 22 years, serving both residential and commercial roofing customers.  We specialize in:

  • Flat and metal roofing
  • Garage roofs
  • Free quotations and estimates
  • Roofing maintenance
  • One day roof installation
  • Permits & Inspections
  • Lifetime warrantees on new roofs and satisfaction guaranteed

If it’s been a long time since you’ve had your roof in Ann Arbor Michigan examined, it’s time to call our roofing technicians. We know the signs to look for and can spot leaks and other problem areas including roof ice dams. We can provide roof shoveling services in the dead of winter, and handle re-roofs and tear-offs too. We provide all the roofing services you need in your neighborhood.

A family affair

We’re proud to be a top-ranked, family owned and operated establishment in your town. If you’re seeking a reputable residential roofing company, you’ve come to the right place. Our customers trust all of our highly skilled roofing professionals, and recognize we are a GAF and CertainTeed endorsed business. Repairing and replacing roofs can be tricky for home or business owners, but not for A2 Roofing. We’ve got the latest roofing equipment, uniforms and safety gear in the industry. Have you been the victim of a flooding, fire or tornado disaster? If so, your roof may have taken a big hit. Got wind and hail damage? Need help with shingle and tile roofing? In search of reasonable financing options and low-interest loans? We’ve got you covered. From our family to yours, we guarantee each roof we install or repair will be fully warranteed, strong, tough, and will last many years.

Fast and friendly

Our roofing repair and installation authorities are recognized for being personable and quick to respond to roofing emergencies. We’re all licensed, insured and fully certified. Do you need a roofing inspection but you don’t want to call a large roofing corporation for fear of being put on hold for an hour or two? You’re our #1 priority at A2 Roofing. We provide all the ladders, safety equipment, shingles, and labor, and will take care of any cleanup due to our services. We’ll make sure everything is cleaned up prior to our leaving, and will work with city inspectors to ensure your new roof passes inspection. All you have to do is sit back and take it easy – we’re glad to do the heavy lifting so you won’t have to. Everyone on our team has a smile and will create a fair quotation for your commercial or residential roofing project in Ann Arbor. Year after year, we’ve been voted the best in Washtenaw County for materials, roof installation and roof quality. We challenge you to find a better roofing contractor in your city.

In need of emergency roofing repairs?

We’ve got someone on call seven days a week, 24/7 round the clock to handle any roofing crisis you may be facing. Did your roof blow off? We have specialized, strong covers that will protect your property overnight until we arrive with a roof replacement.  There’s no reason to panic, because our staff members are extremely professional and experienced, and know how to deal with water damage, hail damage, snow and ice damage on your roof. One quick phone call to 734-548-9915 is all it takes to get connected to our skilled roof specialists. If you have questions regarding roofing materials, replacement shingles, roof ventilation, and other items, our team will answer them for you. We want you to be totally satisfied with our materials and workmanship – that’s how we get over 90% of our business – from referrals and repeat customers.  Take a peek at our website at to learn more about the comprehensive roofing installation and maintenance services we provide. There will be no waiting, no hassles and no sky-high prices at our company. We’ve been called the top roofing contractor in Washtenaw County, and are looking forward to serving you, your neighbors, friends and family members. If you’ve heard about energy-efficient roofs, metal roofing and green roofs, we can tell you more about them. Call us today to get started on your roofing transformation.


Has Your Ann Arbor Roof Been Damaged by a Storm?

Thunderstorms, hail, high winds and falling branches can all take a toll on your home’s roof, which is why it’s so important to do an inspection following any severe storm. Sometimes, roof damage is obvious — finding shingles in your yard would be a no-brainer, for example. Other times, however, damage can be more insidious. Here’s how to inspect your roof to make sure you spot any and all storm damage, large or small …

  • Inspect your attic with a flashlight for leaks or water damage. If you notice water stains on your ceilings or walls, you likely need roof repair or replacement.
  • If the storm produced hail, it’s important to check both roof and siding for damage. On the roof, hail damage usually appears in the form of dimples made by small chunks of hail pounding the outer layer of shingles. Wind can also produce significant damage, curling shingles and leaving the underlayment, old shingles or the roof deck susceptible to further damage.
  • Check for storm damage from the ground. As mentioned, finding stray shingles is a glaring sign that your Ann Arbor roof has sustained wind damage. But you should also check for pieces of metal fascia, or any metal pieces of flashing that may have been dislodged from around your chimney. You should also assess the condition of exhaust pipes, outer edges and angles where the roof meets the walls of your home. Finally, inspect gutters and downspouts. Damage to those may be a sign that your roof has also sustained damage.

Stay Safe!

If a tree or a large limb fell on your roof, you’ll obviously notice damage. It’s a good idea to get out of your home until a professional roofer can inspect. Your home may have sustained both roof and structural damage, and should be examined by professionals and pronounced safe before you return.

It’s also wise to entrust a visual inspection that involves walking on your roof to a professional roofer who will know if an area is unable to support a person’s weight, and will be able to spot subtle signs of damage that you may miss.

Call Your Homeowner’s Insurance Agent

Contact your insurance agent immediately. Save all receipts and written estimates for repair or replacement of your roof. Also, be sure to document any work you’ve done yourself such as covering a broken window with plastic, since your policy may have a provision for reimbursement for temporary repairs. It’s also a great idea to document damage with photographs. (Your smart phone camera is great for this.)

Find the Right Ann Arbor Roofing Company

When it comes to repairing or replacing a storm damaged roof in Ann Arbor, you’ll want to make sure that you contract with a reputable roofing company that’s reliable, trustworthy, provides 24/7 emergency service and a money-back guarantee on materials and workmanship. Sound like a tall order? Not if you’re familiar with A2 Roofing. Not only do we guarantee our materials and workmanship are top quality, we also have a “no leak” guarantee for all roof repairs and replacements. We understand the challenges of Ann Arbor weather and know that your roof must be able to withstand extreme heat, heavy wind and rain, sub-zero temperatures, and months of snowstorms.

We’re also insurance claims specialists and can help you navigate a claim form to ensure that you receive the fastest possible reimbursement for roof repairs or replacement. You won’t have to wait days or weeks for a new roof or repairs to your existing roof either. We have roofing repairs and replacement — both residential and commercial — down to a science and complete most jobs in just one day!

Our inspections and estimates are free, and our years of experience, licensing, insurance, and certifications make us the most logical, no-worry choice to service your roofing needs in Ann Arbor.

Contact us any time — day or night — for a no-obligation inspection and estimate!

The Best Time Of Year To Install A New Roof

If you were wondering when is the best time of year to install a new roof in Ann Arbor, the answer is, right now. Although roofing contractors work throughout every season, the months of summer offer more reliable weather for uninterrupted roofing projects. Here are the top 5 reasons homeowners and contractors prefer this time of year above all others for residential roofing jobs.

1. Weather: As the rainy season is left behind, work days become more predictable. Dry conditions are necessary for roofing installation. Even a light sprinkle can make conditions unsafe to work in. Homeowners also don’t want water to begin leaking into a home that has its primary rain barrier compromised.

2. Materials: There are many different types of roofing materials to choose from. Some have particular temperature requirements for proper installation. For example, shingles that undergo thermal sealing will need several days and nights, perhaps even weeks, where temperatures do not drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Savings: As outdoor temperatures climb during the summer, so do utility bills. A new roof investment can quickly pay off with improved insulation and energy-efficiency. A new roof today can mean a lower electricity bill tomorrow.

4. Spring & Winter Damage: After a roof has endured the rigors of the snow and ice of winter and then the downpours and high winds of spring, summer is the perfect time to set things right if any damage has incurred.

5. Vacation Time: With many families taking summer vacations before the kids go back to school, a homeowner may find that they don’t have to wait weeks for their project to start. So, while others are away on vacation, you could be first in line for a new roof.


Tips For Hiring A Roofing Company: A new roof is a serious investment. Asking the right questions will get a homeowner the right company for the job. Here are 5 questions to ask along with the reason the question matters:

1. What is your company’s physical address? It’s important to hire a company with a brick-and-mortar storefront that is established in its local community. Otherwise you may be hiring some fly-by-night upstart that might not be around to solve roofing problems in the future.

2. Do you have insurance? There are 2 key types of coverage a reputable roofing company will have. Workmen’s compensation protects homeowners in the event of an injury to someone on the roofing crew. Liability protection covers any damage caused by roofers to the home. Avoid the costly mistake of being responsible for medical bills and property damage. Get proof of insurance.

3. Do you use roofing subcontractors? If subcontractors are used, it needs to be determined that workmen’s compensation and liability insurance coverage apply to those workers as well.

4. What are your credentials? Certain industry credentials, such as being GAF certified, ensure homeowners that roofers are well-trained to provide quality workmanship. It also means that they understand the products being used so that manufacturer warranties are not invalidated by improper installation methods.

5. Do you have references and offer a warranty? Any reputable roofing company will have past customers who were pleased with their work. Get their contact information and find out how the job went. Also, nail down the details on any warranty offered by a roofing company that supplements manufacturer warranties of materials.

Ann Arbor roofs need to be able to withstand serious weather extremes. Heat is searing during the summer and the climate is sub-zero during winter months. Only trust your home’s new roof to experienced professionals who are skilled in the best products and installation practices for Michigan homes. Please contact us for a free estimate. Our roofing experts can answer your questions, help you find the right roofing solution and devise a plan that suits your budget.

Why Solar Panels Need Residential Roof Replacement Ann Arbor

Why Solar Panels Need Residential Roof Replacement Ann Arbor

When you need a new roof in Ann Arbor, Michigan, you might want to immediately replace your old roof with that looks similar to the style you already have.  On top of this, you do not want to reshingle and replace your roof before the warranty expires.  However, there is one type of roof purpose that defeats both of these common outcomes, and it has to do with solar panels.  To get a better understanding of why you might want to change your roof style before installing solar panels and why it makes sense to re-roof your home before solar is set up, keep reading.  When you are finished reading our information, be sure to give us a call with any residential roofing questions you might still have.

Why new roof installation in Ann Arbor is part of solar panel systems

Unfortunately, there is a chance a homeowner will regret having solar panels installed if they do not think about the current age of their roof.  When a roof is close to being replaced, it is not a good time to install solar panels.  Since solar panels have a warranty of about 25-years or more, having your roof repaired or replaced a few years after installing solar panels would be financially counterproductive.  In addition to replacing the roof before getting solar installed, it is important that the roof is made of the right materials.  While most shingle roofs can support solar panels with ease, there other other types of roofs that seem to work best for solar panels.

What types of residential roof replacement in Ann Arbor make sense for solar

Generally speaking, the most ideal roof for a residential solar panel installation is a steel roof.  Contractors like this style because it is easy to anchor the solar panels to the roof in any position you want.  The bolts are also easier to seal and this prevents pinhole leaks in the roof.  While there is still some debate about flat or angled metal roof styles as far as making the solar panel installation process more streamlined, a steel roof will outlast the panels.  Typically, a steel or metal roof in any style will have a 40 to 50-year warranty.  Since solar panels last about 25 years or more, this means that the roof will outlast the panels.

A metal roof is environmentally friendly

Although there are several reasons that other styles of roofs are environmentally friendly, a metal roof is one of the most simple choices for having a greener home. Obviously, metal has a low carbon footprint to produce, installation involves other metals and few chemicals, the roof does not need to be replaced often, and recycling a metal roof is also a green choice. In addition to making a choice for yourself to protect the planet, there are also monetary incentives for making environmentally-healthy decisions.

Why roofing contractors in Ann Arbor, Michigan helps you get money back for solar

There are a large number of reasons that making environmentally friendly choices can help you financially. In most cases, there are grants from the federal government for choosing certain types of roof styles or getting insulation put in the home for the first time. There are also incentives for installing a “cool roof.” In addition to getting up to 30% off the cost of installation and materials for making greener choices, there are often other incentives on the state and city level. Finally, you may be eligible for grants from local power companies or other corporations that want to give homeowners a financial incentive for going green. Interestingly, in the fine print of all of these programs is the stipulation that the homeowner has everything installed by a professional contractor. This means that you would need to hire a roof replacement specialist (and not DIY) to complete your paperwork to get your money back rebates for going green with your renovations.

Other environmentally friendly alterations to your roof

Have you been looking for ways to be environmentally friendly, and you want to know if a cistern or water storage tank can be placed on top of your roof?   You may also have seen environmentally conscious living walls or a flat roof that is used for growing a garden. Other choices that are healthy for the planet include installing a solar water heater on the roof in the exact spot where the sun will always heat it up. Finally, having professionals fix a roof so that it is ideal for wind turbines is a new challenge for roofers. No matter what your project entails, we have the skills you need to make your carbon footprint the lowest it can be.

Let us be your contractors for a new roof in Ann Arbor

When you feel that your current roofer does not understand the types of projects you want to do for your home, let us be your first choice. We are happy to help you with a large number of roofing projects that help make the environment cleaner. We are also here when you want to keep your home looking the same as the first year it was built.

For our customers that want to keep long-term roofing bills low, we help with preventative maintenance. This means that you are less likely to have roof leaks when you have a specialist come to inspect your roof at least twice a year. From solar panel installation roof repairs to reshaping your home to have a patio on the rooftop for your garden and family to enjoy, we are here for you at A2 Roofing in Ann Arbor, Michigan. To get started with a new roof, repairs, inspections, maintenance, or any questions you might have, give one of our friendly staff a call today.  Thank you in advance for choosing us, and we look forward to hearing from you.

How to Choose a Roofing Contractor in Ann Arbor

Replacing a roof is a big deal for most homeowners. After all, you depend on your roof to shelter you and your family from the worst that nature can offer up — rain, sleet, snow, winds, etc. A roof also plays a significant role in your home’s curb appeal, so you want a new roof to not only perform well, but to look great too! Once you’ve decided to replace an aging or failing roof, you want to make sure that you’re hiring a company that has a reputation for getting the job done right and within a reasonable amount of time. Knowing who to hire can be confusing and challenging, to say the least, especially here in Ann Arbor, where nature has been known to show its harsher side more often than not, especially during the winter months with plenty of snow and freezing temperatures! With that in mind, here are some tips on what to look for — and what to avoid — when you’re deciding on the right company to install your new roof:

Eliminate Companies that Aren’t Insured

It’s always a good idea to get a few bids for a big home improvement job, and a new roof is no exception. The problem is, to really evaluate a bid, you can’t go by price alone. You want to make sure that the company you hire is insured (a factor that can raise their price) in case of an accident. After all, we are talking about working on a high, sloped surface, and there’s always the chance that somebody could fall and be injured.

Eliminate Companies that Aren’t Local

A local company isn’t just a company that happens to be based in the Ann Arbor area, but one that’s been in the area for a while and has a good reputation. Too many homeowners have ended up with worthless warranties when the roofing company they choose turns out to be a fly-by-night that’s gone out of business when there’s a need for repairs.

Don’t Judge a Company by Price Alone

“Roofers” who do the work on the side or work out of a pick up truck can always quote you a cheaper price, but as with anything of value, you get what you pay for! A reputable company’s price will often be a bit higher because they have to cover the cost of insurance, licensing and overhead. Always choose credentials and reputation over price to ensure that you’re hiring a true, licensed professional — one that can install any roof style with ease and expertise!

Choose Somebody Who’ll Give You a Timeline

One of the worst things you can do is contract with a roofing company who can’t (or won’t) give you a reasonable timeline for how long the job will take. A good roofing company will usually be able to complete a job within a day or two. You don’t want to end up with a company that shows up on Tuesday, gets the job started, and then doesn’t appear again until next Thursday or Friday! That’s inconvenient for you and disrespectful on their part!

Because the weather in Ann Arbor runs the gamut between broiling hot, freezing cold and everything in between, you’ll want to award your roofing job to a company that knows what it’s doing, that’s on-call 24/7, is accessible and helpful, and above-all, confident enough in its expertise to offer a guarantee on materials and workmanship. A2Roofing meets all of these criteria and more — things like free evaluations and estimates, a lifetime guarantee on workmanship and materials, an owner who’s on-site and ready to answer your questions or concerns, and above all, a professional, fully trained staff that will provide you with a new roof that both looks and performs perfectly! We believe that you deserve nothing but the best and we deliver on that belief.

Contact us today for a free evaluation and estimate.

10 Signs You Need A Roofing Rescue


You don’t need a telepathic message from the great roofer in the sky to know that it’s time for roofing repair. All you need to know are the right signs to recognize that your roof is in trouble. Here’s what to look for to know that it’s time for an Ann Arbor roofing intervention:

  1. Expiring Shingles:Are the edges of your shingles curled? Can you see cracks in any of your roof’s shingles? Can you count a few that are even missing? Yikes. They should be replaced right away! Shingles don’t last forever. Cracks and curls are sure signs they are heaving their last gasps.
  2. Darkened Shingles: Take a long look at your shingles. Do they appear darker than they should? Would you describe them as appearing wet or coated with grime and dirt? They very well could be wet. Although water does follow gravity and roll off your roof, dislodged or damaged shingles may not be doing their job properly. You could have water seeping underneath that layer of shingles and becoming trapped.
  3. Gutter Granules:When rainfall is filling your home’s gutters and pouring out of the downspout, do you notice a residue of shingle granules after the storm subsides? That coarse, dark sand you see lining the splash block under the downspout may have been washed there from degrading shingles.
  4. Roof Extensions:What kind of objects are extending from your roof? When is the last time you inspected chimneys and vents for signs of deterioration? Just as shingles don’t last forever, neither do the seals around flashings that prevent water leakage into the seams of your roof extensions.
  5. Blisters & Peels:Your home’s roof is the first line of defense against the elements. Often we only think of our roof’s integrity after a storm with high winds or sleet and hail. But sun can be just as damaging. The searing effects of Summer temperature extremes can intensify the effects of humidity. Look for blistering or peeling paint along your eaves and roofline. This could be a sign that your gutter is experiencing prime conditions for failure.
  6. Interior Stains:Discoloration on ceilings and walls may be a sign of water intrusion. Where is it coming from? The most likely culprits are faulty seals around windows or a leak in the roof. Don’t hesitate to call an expert to perform a professional inspection. You could be in for some very expensive and extensive structural repairs if you wait too long.
  7. Attic Moisture:How often do you venture up to your attic space after a storm? When you have weathered some heavy rainfall, it pays to check out the rafters and decking in the attic for traces of moisture.
  8. Sagging:Signs of sagging in the structural elements of your attic are strong indicators of the long-term effects of moisture intrusion. You need an inspection straight-away.
  9. Light Intrusion:If light can intrude into your attic, so can water. Make a cursory inspection during the day with interior attic lights turned off. If you notice any fine cracks of daylight getting through, then your attic is set for water invasion through those same inconspicuous openings.
  10. Utility Bills:Where roofing problems are concerned, just follow the money! If you have suddenly seen a spike in heating and cooling bills, even though utility rates have not changed, you might be leaking A/C and heat somewhere. A likely place to start your investigation is the ventilation system in your attic and the roof.

Why take the risk of venturing up on your roof? Leave that to the professionals. For any concerns you have about your roof’s integrity, please contact us and schedule an inspection. If it’s been longer than 12 months since your last inspection, it’s definitely time for an expert to check things out.


Need a New Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan? You’ve Come to the Right Place!


A quality roof does a lot to increase the value of your home or business. Here in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area, a roof has to take a lot of abuse! Winds, heavy rains, broiling-hot summers, brutal winters with snow storms and sub-zero temperatures can all take their toll on the integrity of a roof, so sub-standard materials or anything less than professional installation by a reputable roofing company just won’t “cut the mustard” here in the Ann Arbor region!

If you’re in the market for a new roof in the Ann Arbor region, we’re the roofing team to call. A2 Roofing is the area’s leading roofing company for a number of very good reasons such as …

  1. Our “Leak-Proof” Guarantee which ensures that every roof we install or repair will be airtight and leak-proof to hold up to whatever the weather in Ann Arbor decides to throw at you!
  • Lifetime Material and Labor Guarantee on all new roofs – Your new roof will perform the way it’s supposed to or will replace it at no cost!
  • We install or repair most roofs in just one day. That means we won’t disrupt your business or inconvenience your family for days on end! We’ve got roofing down to a science at A2 Roofing!
  • 24/7 Emergency Service – We know that here in Ann Arbor, the weather can be unkind to older roofs, which is why we’re on call 24/7 to repair problems caused by wind, hail, heavy snow and more.
  • Free Estimates – We’ll assess your home’s (or business’) roof and give you a free estimate for repairs or replacement — no strings attached!
  • We’ll help you with your insurance claims. The professionals at A2 Roofing are insurance claim specialists who can help you through the process of filing a claim with your homeowner’s insurance company if your roof is damaged.
  • Our owner, who’s fully licensed and insured, is always available and on-site to answer your questions or address your concerns. (That’s a rarity with most area roofing companies!)
  • We’re versatile and flexible. No matter what style of roof your home or business has, we know how to install and repair it efficiently and expertly. No roof is too challenging for A2 Roofing!


Your home or business is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in life, so it makes perfect sense to protect it (and increase its value) with a roof that’s going to do the job you expect a good roof to do — keep moisture out, heat in the winter and keep cool air in during the hot months of summer — and look great doing it. A2 Roofing installs all kinds of roofs — metal, shingle and tile — and can repair any problem on your existing roof. We offer services like roof shoveling, repairs and inspections. We’ll get rid of ice dams, which are hazardous to both your roof and your property, not to mention people and objects on the ground below! We’ll clear your roof of snow and ice and eliminate the potential for mold, mildew and other bacterial organisms that ice dams can cause or exacerbate. It’s important to have a roofing professional like A2 Roofing take care of snow and ice problems in lieu of trying to take care of them yourself. We’re accustomed to working on the slippery, sloped surface of a roof, and have the tools and experience to deal with snow and ice safely and effectively.

A reliable roof is too important to leave to amateurs or a fly-by-night roofing company. Roofing is an art and a science that takes years of experience to master. At A2 Roofing, we’ve got the knowledge, the expertise and the experience to deliver the high-quality roof your Ann Arbor home or business needs. Contact us today for a free estimate, a thorough roof inspection, or just to ask a roofing question!