Roof Ice Dam


In a few months, winter will be here, bringing with it heavy snow and ice in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Because our Michigan weather changes so frequently, sometimes bringing warmer temperatures even during the dead of winter, snow can freeze and melt and then freeze up again, causing frequent and dangerous roof ice dams. Inadequate roof ventilation and a warm attic can also exacerbate the issue. A roof ice dam can be hazardous to your residential or commercial property, causing problems such as:

  • Serious damage to your gutters, roof, and insulation.
  • Because of the constant buildup of condensation, mold, mildew, and other bacterial organisms can grow, leading to potential health problems if there are any holes in your roof.
  • Large pieces of falling ice can plummet off of your home or office building, causing damage to objects or people below.

If a roof ice dam is plaguing your Ann Arbor, MI property, there is a solution. By calling a2roofing, you can eliminate any ice and snow from your roof, resulting in a clear and healthy roof. A2roofing is a certified roofing contractor, licensed and insured in the state of Michigan. We are experts at determining the source of ice dams and repairing areas that may be contributing to the problem such as poor ventilation and insulation. We will inspect your Ann Arbor home or business for roof ice dams and take care of the problem. If any others arise in the coming months, we will come back and remove the roof ice dam again. We don’t want you to risk any of the aforementioned hazards in your valuable commercial or residential property. All of our roofing professionals come equipped with the specialized tools and materials needed to eradicate a roof ice dam. A2roofing is CertainTeed and GAF certified, with access to only CertainTeed and GAF approved roofing industry products.

Look for the best

When you are searching for reliable roofing companies in Ann Arbor, the first one you will find is a2roofing, due to our exceptional customer service, quality materials, and affordable payment plans. In addition to removing ice dams from your roof and gutters, we also repair missing shingles, water damage, copper flashing, copper valleys, emergency roof leaks, wind damage, hail damage, roof flashing leaking, and dimensional shingles. We excel in roof repair, roof replacement, re-roofs, roof snow removal, tear-offs, roofing re-deck for all styles of roofs including slate roofs, metal roofs, cedar shake roofs, flat roofs, and tile roofs. If you call us to remove a roof ice dam, we will eliminate it and also inspect your entire roof for other potential defects. The winter season in Michigan can be a particularly long one, and extremely detrimental to your roof. We recommend scheduling an annual roof inspection before winter hits to check for potential problems which could lead to a roof ice dam, such as clogged gutters. At a2roofing, roof maintenance and prevention are equally as important to us as roof repairs. Our goal is to ensure your roof is free of debris, ice, and snow to help preserve the life of your roof and prevent future costly repairs. To learn more about ice dam removal, visit our website at Our site features many important topics pertaining to roof safety, maintenance, repair, replacement, and prevention. We also frequently post handy FAQ’s and blogs to educate our loyal and prospective customers. If you need to remove a roof ice dam from your home or commercial building, call us for a free estimate. Our professional roofing team is also available year-round for any of your seasonal roofing repair or replacement needs in Ann Arbor.