Can my roof be repaired – Ann Arbor Michigan

Can my roof be repaired - Ann Arbor Michigan

At A2Roofing, we take pride in being able to handle any roof repair for your residential home or commercial building in a timely and efficient manner at an affordable price.  It is no wonder A2Roofing is Ann Arbor Michigan’s #1 roofing company.


Whether you need to replace a few missing or damaged shingles, have major storm damage, roof leaks, flashing damage or ordinary wear and tear, A2Roofing is available 24/7 to inspect your roof and give you a thorough written assessment of the condition of your roof and recommendations and an estimate as to what should be done to protect your most valuable asset, your residential home or commercial building.


A2Roofing has been in business for three generations.  Inspecting, repairing and replacing roofs is definitely second nature to A2Roofing’s certified staff of roofing contractors.  And, A2Roofing uses certified GAF products and materials which are the best the industry has to offer.  Please refer to GAF’s website at for more detailed product and material information.


The process of determining if your roof can be repaired or serviced is as follows:


Free Roofing Inspections – Certified roofing contractors are available 24/7 to inspect and assess your roof.  If a repair is the remedy, a detailed analysis as well as a no obligation estimate is prepared.  If replacement, re-decking or some other recommendation is the answer, the estimate will reflect this accordingly.


Repair and Maintenance – If maintenance or a repair is recommended, our contractors are available 24/7 to do the necessary work in a timely and efficient manner.  Most projects are completed in one day.  Our reputation of servicing you, the customer, is our guarantee or your money back.


Ice Dam Removal and Roof Shoveling – Michigan winters are relentlessly cold, snowy and damp.  Ice dams and excessive snow accumulation on the roof are the two incidents that cause problems and potential long term damage to a roof.  Have our number available for quick reference in the event an emergency should occur 734-548-9915.  We are here to help you protect your home or building 24/7.


Roof Ventilation and Upgrades – Changes in weather such as extreme cold of the winter or heat from the summer can compromise your roof.  Our roofing contractors are qualified to recommend the installation of ventilation, roof snow de-icing kits, which provide heat sources to melt and redirect water drainage as well as many other upgrades that can preserve and extend the life of your roof.


If all else fails, yes, A2Roofing is ready and able to re-deck or simply replace your roof.  Most roofing projects are completed in one day.  Again, our reputation is to minimize inconvenience to our customers while providing the highest quality roofing.


A2Roofing is Ann Arbor’s best roofing company and is available to service large and small residential and commercial customers.  Call A2Roofing at 734-548-9915 or contact us on our website at today for all your roofing needs.