LOW SLOPE ROOFING in Ann Arbor, Michigan


A low slope roof is one that has a pitch of below 4/12 and down.  More specifically if given a 12 foot horizontal line, the roof would have to be on a 4 foot or less vertical incline to be considered low slope roofing.  Since the incline or rise is so slight, low slope roofs have an increased incidence for water pooling, leak issues, ice dams and other problems.


Regular roof inspection and maintenance is necessary and even imperative if your residential home or commercial/industrial building has low slope roofing.  You need a roofing company you can count on.  A2roofing in Ann Arbor, Michigan has extensive experience and knowledge in maintaining, repairing and replacing low slope roofing.


We are Ann Arbor’s top-rated roofing contractor with more than two decades of experience in the roofing business.   Our customers have depended on us to not only give them the best professional advice and information relative to their roofing needs, but they trust us to manage and maintain their roof year after year.  We are available 24/7, year-round.  Keep our contact information handy in case of emergency 734-548-9915 and https://www.a2roofingmichigan.com.


Inspection of Low Slope Roofing

Let us start by providing a no cost, no obligation inspection of your roofing system.  This will include inspecting the following:


  • Roof including the shingles and frame
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Chimney
  • Vents
  • Solar panels and skylights
  • Garage roof if attached to your home


Our roofing professionals are truly experts at every aspect of the roof.   After inspecting all exterior parts the interior will be inspected for:


  • Soft spots in the ceiling and walls
  • Attic leaks
  • Basement leaks
  • Solar panel or skylight leaks


When the inspection is complete, a thorough written evaluation will be provided along with recommendations for possible maintenance, repair and when necessary, roof replacement.  A detailed estimate will also be provided.  Your 100 percent satisfaction is always our top priority, guaranteed.


If an insurance claim is necessary, we will help with filing the necessary claim correctly the first time.  Timely and efficient repair of your property is important to us.  We will treat your roof as if it were our own with minimal inconvenience to you.


Maintenance and Repair of Low Slope Roofing

We will get started immediately maintaining and repairing your roof and any of its components as soon as you approve our recommendations.  A Project Manager from our company will always be available to not only inspect and ensure the project is moving along but to provide you with answers to any questions that may arise.


Once the project is completed, our roofing crew will clean-up any debris including nails and loose shingles.  We take pride in completing the project to your full satisfaction.  After we leave, feel free to contact us if something should not meet with your expectation.  We stand behind all our work.  You will be provided with all warranty information relative to products used.


Records of maintenance and repair to your roof and its components will be included in our company maintained database for future use.  We will contact you and encourage regular roof maintenance.  We feel preventive maintenance will add years to the life of your roof and save you money in the long run.


Our Promise to ‘You’

We earned our reputation for the highest standards of quality and integrity in our business dealings for more than 20 years.  We use only the best quality materials and employ only certified roofing professionals.  In addition, we insure all our roofing professionals and insure our projects.  Your property is always protected.


Call us at A2roofing today 734-548-9915 for your free inspection.  We have many customer testimonials for our dedication to customer service from start to finish.  No job is too big or small.  Let us help you maintain your most valuable asset, your residential home or commercial building.   We are your low slope roofing authority in Ann Arbor, MI.